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It’s safe to say Jordan wasn’t on the top of my travelling list. It’s expensive and long to get there, and I wasn’t sure about having to cover up to walk on the streets. But since I was invited for an Italian-Jordanian wedding it seemed like the perfect excuse.

Forgetting about all the stress about packaging all loose fitting clothes and long dresses, getting there got me very pleasantly surprised.

People are extremely friendly, they tell you constantly how welcome you are in their country and are happy to help in any way. I did felt some staring from man, although I was all covered but it wasn’t as strict as I thought.

Of course for visiting the mosks you need to completly cover up. That’s when my Zacchissimi Scarf came handy :)

The wedding was in such a beautiful venue, in a Restaurant built within an ancient settlement just outside of Amman (Kan Zaman). And to top it all: at sunset.

Amman is full of nice restaurants and cafes, prices vary a lot from paying 1 euro for lunch to paying 15! But the city is full of textures and fabrics.

But then comes Petra…

Getting immerse in the pink city is hard work. The full route is around 12km, with heels, light climbing and a looooooot of sun. Then you get to the end of the route and you must walk all the way back!

Oh yeah, and did I mentioned I had to be covered? :)

Resting under the only tree I found in Petra!

An easier option is doing the “Petra by night”, with a much shorter router and a lovely atmosphere. But nothing beats checking the whole city during the day.

After all the hard work walking around Petra I went to a spa in the dead sea, to lazy around drinking mint lemonade.


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