Jan 20, 17

Since I’m currently looking for a new house I’m surprised by how bathrooms are taken for granted in properties. I’ve seen my share of pale pink bathrooms from the 70s and I’m sure I will need to face a renovation soon.

Here is a selection of really bold colour schemes I’ve been searching:

Bold patterns

This bathroom looks like a Marroccan dream! The dark colour scheme paired with the high contrast pattern is minimised by the soft and light fabrics.

Relaxing Tones

Blue is a very relaxing colour if used in right amounts and light shades. The earthy tones of the natural wood empathise the coziness.

Soft & Minimal

For the less adventures a minimal colour scheme with some touches of earthy tones for that relax vibe. Adding a live plant (if you have natural light) is always a good idea.

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