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Budapest is the perfect location for a quick gateway weekend in Europe. I went there for 2 and a half days and as per usual, without any plans. I’m fully aware that most people like to plan, and are not keen on booking the hotel when you are boarding the plane, so if you are planning on going there here are some tips of my favourite spots and things to do.

I tend to book the hotel when I’m at the airport, and also download some blogs and guides to read on the plane.

I do that pretty much every time I travel as I hate planning and like to walk and discover places as I go along.

Walking and discovering has led me to this little alley, so communist style and full of nice shops, and a place specialized in coffee (check it out here) I was on my phone looking for any coffee that wasn’t Starbucks or Costa and found this amazing corner.

Taking the metro to the Millennium monument there is the most enchanted park, where you can rent a canoe and watch drunk northerners passing by on this very typical car bicycle, where they cycle and drink at the same time. Budapest is a bachelor party destination, so it’s very young and full of parties.

If you are not into the drinking and partying like yours truly, you can always go to the many options of thermal baths and spas. The three main ones are Gellert  – An Art Nouveau spa. Széchenyi the biggest one and that also holds parties during summer (Very relaxing I imagine!). And Rudas Baths, in Turkish style.

I chose Rudas to see its amazing pools dating back from 1550.

I spent a couple of hours going from boiling 42 degrees pools to chilling 1 degrees pools where you can chill among ice cubes. Perfect skin afterwards.

The other amazing thing about Budapest are its bridges. Not only they are beautiful but people will actually climb on it to drink and enjoy the sunset. I mean literally climb on the bridge! Like this guy that brought a table, food and wine and placed everything on top of the bridge. I wish it was me on that red dress…. Can you get any more romantic than that?

And then there is the very touristic neighbourhood Gozsdu Udvar, by night is full of life and parties and during the day there is a crafts market and nice cafes.

Going to Buda though, specifically at the Fisherman’s Bastion you have the amazing view of Pest.

The food is extremely heavy and meat based, so since I’m a vegetarian I just stuck to international restaurants and a good glass of local rose wine.

Always obsessed with doors…


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