Downloadable Week List Pad

Oct 02, 20

Downloadable Week List Pad

Who doesn't love lists rights? I have a desk always full of papers and to-dos! I created this beaaaaaautiful Weekly list to bring some colour to my desk! Here's how you can do it to (Link to Download the file below)



1. Print the file the file in A4, make sure you choose to print without borders! I printd 26 pages to end up with a full year supply of weeks! 

Cut the page in half. Here I used a cutting board, if you don't have one just have sure to use glass or put some layers of cardboard under the sheets to protect the table.


Make sure to cut a few pages at a time:
2. Get all the pages together in the same direction
3. Secure the pages together with two clips, and glue the top edges. Allow some time for it to dry (with some books over it) and voilà!
Beautiful and practical for all those long lists :-D

Download the file to do it yourself:



How to Use the file:

  1. Download the A4 image
  2. Print WITHOUT borders


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