Dec 02, 16

A Dry martini may sound simple enough, but mastering the perfect combination of vermouth and martini it’s not an easy task. This is a big hit at all my dinner parties, and like James Bond, my martini has to be shaken, not stirred.

What will you need:

Fill the martini glass with ice, and set aside, so it will be nice and cold while you prepare the contents. In the shaker put ice and a dash of dry vermouth (1/2oz or 15ml). Shake it!!

And then, here’s the trick:

Pour off the liquid through a strainer – keeping the ice cubs inside the shaker.

That’s right, throw everything down the sink. Why? This leaves the shaker and the ice with a nice and soft vermouth taste that won’t be too bitter.

Then, add 1 ½ oz or 45mL of a good quality gin, give it another shake, and drain the contents (no ice!!!) into the cold empty martini glass.

To decorate I use a lemon peel from freshly picked lemons from my garden, which is also a nice personal touch 


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