January Content Planner

Paula Pozza | Dec 16, 20
And in that mood we are already planning the whole of January work and content for you. And this Calendar is also...
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Paula Pozza | Dec 13, 20
Christmas is already upon us and I’m still trying to figure out how the year has passed so quickly! But I’m preparing some themed recipes for the parties ahead.
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Paula Pozza | Dec 11, 20
Where to Eat Pizza in Rome
If you are in Italy chances are you will want to try a Pizza. It's not an easy task though. I see so many tourists having Pizza at terrible restaurants and then think "They will think this is Pizza!!!!".
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Paula Pozza | Dec 01, 20
Risotto With Red Chicory and Gorgonzola Cheese Recipe
Known in Italian as Risotto al Radicchio e Gorgonzola this is a very common and easy to make dish....
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Paula Pozza | Nov 25, 20
Zucchini Pasta Recipe
I feel like I may have my Italian citizenship revoked for calling this recipe actual pasta. It’s not. Let’s be clear! It’s a very light, fresh and delicious entrée...
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Paula Pozza | Oct 20, 20
Free Screen Saver "Free as a Bird"
Our best seller pattern "Free as a Bird" now available in a totally free Mobile and Desktop screen saver...
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Paula Pozza | Oct 06, 20
The Gin Tonic is such a classic and easy to make cocktail. Here’s a twisted version of the classic, a little sweeter to please even the most demanding taste buds!
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