Downloadable Week List Pad

Paula Pozza | Oct 02, 20
Who doesn't love lists rights? I have a desk always full of papers and to-dos! I created this beaaaaaautiful Weekly list to bring some colour to my desk...
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Paula Pozza | Sep 23, 20
Delicious Polenta with Caramellized Onions
A typical entrée from the North of Italy, grilled Polenta is nearly impossible to find in Rome...
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Paula Pozza | Sep 07, 20
DIY Accordion Origami Vase
An easy way to create vases out of thin air! Check out the video below to see how to do it:
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Paula Pozza | Aug 26, 20
Coconut milk is just one of those things that goes with every recipe. In Brazil is used vastly,
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Paula Pozza | Jul 28, 20
In Italy even the simple things can become a big deal. It all depends on using good quality ingredients, and even the simplest becomes super tasty.
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Paula Pozza | Jul 07, 20
I think everybody has or already had some Marius Ikea benches at home. I had a pair, very old that I inherited when I moved to the house. I must say, I truly hated them. So here’s how I did a huge makeover and can now proudly use them at my studio.
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