Kimono - Elena

Kimono - Elena, beachwear, Zacchissimi, pattern, design
Kimono - Elena, beachwear, Zacchissimi, pattern, design
Kimono - Elena, beachwear, Zacchissimi, pattern, design

This super cute Kimono is the perfect outfit to wear over your bikini or even with jeans on a night out. This romantic pattern is based on a watercolour drawing contrasting with digital elements.

Available in the following measurements:

  • S
  • M
  • L

Made in Brazil



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beautiful bikini - good quality

Whats makes me love this bikini is not only the good quality material (it fits perfectly to the body), but also the lovely colour pattern! It gives a nice contrast with the tan skin!

In love with the Fitness Top Aztec

I bought the Fitness Top Aztec and I am looooving it! The design is marvelous, it goes well with every background (setting, indoors and outdoors), it fit and looks perfectly on the body. The back is super modern and sexy and the front is super comfy for exercises and looks elegantly; besides, it makes my breasts look firmly all the time. The pattern is chic and unique. An advantage of this top is that I do not need to wear a t-shirt on top of it for exercises because it does not show off my abs.

WOW bikini!!!

This bikini Elena has a WOW factor everytime I wear. As I am white, I thought white bikinis would never look good on me, however, this is does NOT happen with this bikini. It does look like I am a bit tanned from the moment I put it on, so I do not look as 'boring white' as I thought. It has a very feminine pattern and flower drawings. The top adjust perfectly to your body and the bottom makes your butt looks steep and well shaped. I feel incredible wearing it. It's comfy and make me look confident and GORGEOUS! Can't stop wearing it everytime I have a chance! Actually, I found myself creating opportunities to wear it every weekend... hahaha

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