Mar 20, 17

There’s a big difference between a house and home. Adding luxury is not just about making your home look like it was taken away from a furniture catalogue page. It’s about adding personality, adding items with a story. Telling your friends about that rug you got while visiting Marocco, or that lamp shade you spotted on a flea market :)

1. A Big Faucet

This creates such a big impact in both kitchens and bathrooms. And it’s a very easy thing to instal, even on a rental! And there are some great inexpensive options in the market and great second hand faucets in market, for those who  – like me – love that vintage vibe.

2. Professional Coffee

Not only they are nice looking but such a nice addition to the kitchen. I got mine coffee machine over a year ago and it’s always a hit when people come over, to be able to serve that perfect cappuccino! I always have the best quality italian coffee around :)

3. Lights with a personality

Whether it’s a tradicional chandelier or a modern lamp go big for that extra luxurious feel.

4. Natural Fabrics

A good quality cotton duvet cover or set of sheets with lots of pillow is sure to give that luxury hotel sensation!

5. Fresh Flowers

This is such a difficult habit to keep up because it needs constant attention, a good tip to making flowers last longer is adding a little bleach to the water (to kill bacteria) and cutting stems to an angle (so the more water will get in).

6. Declutter

There’s no point in having all the luxury a house can have if there’s mess everywhere.

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