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Paula Pozza
Founder – Creative Director

Paula Pozza graduated in product and graphic design in Brazil and after finishing her specialization in illustration in Argentina, she moved back to Italy, where Zacchissimi was launched. Being a half Brazilian, half Italian who was brought up in England has given her a curiosity and sense of style that has no geographic bounds.

Paula looks for inspiration wherever she goes. She isn’t guided by fashion trends or commerce, but about stories and feelings. Knowing the suppliers and ensuring the quality and details of each product is taken care of.

Zacchissimi’s aim is to take its customers on a trip with our products, adding a bit of sparkle and magic to an everyday item. So why is Zacchissimi so Italianissimi.

The Italian culture isn’t just pizza, pasta and pomodoro, but it’s a way of living. It’s the beauty of the dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing) in a house that is cozy and embracing. It’s messy beds on a lazy Sunday, it’s breakfast under the sun, it’s a chilled wine on a breezy afternoon.

Bellissimi, italianissimi, Zacchissimi!

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