Free Screen Saver "Free as a Bird"

Paula Pozza | Oct 20, 20
Our best seller pattern "Free as a Bird" now available in a totally free Mobile and Desktop screen saver...
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Paula Pozza | Jun 15, 20
Free Screen Saver "Cute as Fuck"
Our super new pattern "Cute as Fuck" that contrasts the cuteness of the gouache painting with a sassy phrase is now available also as a totally free screen saver!
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Paula Pozza | Jun 02, 20
First Coffee Screen Saver
First Coffee, then everything else! Our super cute pattern is applied to many of our products, it was originally drawn in gouache and you can see the original artwork...
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Paula Pozza | Apr 01, 20
Our fuschia pattern is a best seller on the store, a soft and feminine rose watercolour matched with geometric black stripes, to create a modern contrast. Edgy, bold, fun…
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Paula Pozza | Oct 15, 19
To bring up this monday (although it’s very bright and sunny already over here in Rome!) a free desktop and mobile screensaver to download.
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