Dec 09, 19


Colour greatly influences out mood. Just compare a foggy grey day to a sunny one with blue skies and you’ll agree with me :) that’s why colour psychology has always been a subject that I loved, and here a couple of options applied to the bedroom colour scheme:

1. Purple

Purple is the colour of spirituality, healing and deep calm. It’s often also associated with luxury, authenticity and quality. It’s a colour that is considered cooling so it helps to lower the body temperature, and it’s great for calming the nervous system.

To create balance add some soft shades of yellow.

2. Blue

Blue is considered calming, relaxing and serene. A dark shade of blue can add a nice touch of energy to a room, while a calmer tone will make the space feel more relaxing.

Balance blue shades with white.

3. Beige

Earth colours, on the cooler side can be grounding, nurturing, and restful. Also light colours reflect a lot of light, and it is great for bedrooms that don’t get much natural light.

Balance earth tones with a soft green.

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