Risotto With Red Chicory and Gorgonzola Cheese Recipe

Paula Pozza | Dec 01, 20
Known in Italian as Risotto al Radicchio e Gorgonzola this is a very common and easy to make dish....
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Paula Pozza | Nov 25, 20
Zucchini Pasta Recipe
I feel like I may have my Italian citizenship revoked for calling this recipe actual pasta. It’s not. Let’s be clear! It’s a very light, fresh and delicious entrée...
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Paula Pozza | Sep 23, 20
Delicious Polenta with Caramellized Onions
A typical entrée from the North of Italy, grilled Polenta is nearly impossible to find in Rome...
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Paula Pozza | Aug 26, 20
Coconut milk is just one of those things that goes with every recipe. In Brazil is used vastly,
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Paula Pozza | Jul 28, 20
In Italy even the simple things can become a big deal. It all depends on using good quality ingredients, and even the simplest becomes super tasty.
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Paula Pozza | Jun 29, 20
I only discovered Frisella recently. It’s a sort of hard bread that you need to water before eating. So it’s the kind of life saving item to have in your kitchen for an easy but yet amazing snack/meal
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Paula Pozza | May 25, 20
Quinoa is on the top of my lunch list every week, it’s so easy to make and it’s healthy and diet approved! But I’m always trying to find different ways...
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